Help the East Leeds Project Create KIOSK!

The East Leeds Project are inviting expressions of interest from Leeds-based artists and makers who feel inspired and excited about working with us on KIOSK, a mobile makerspace designed by Leeds-based artist Emma Hardaker, commissioned by us and fabricated with assistance from Duke Makes.

KIOSK is mobile autonomy and disruptive architecture. Sculpture on wheels, a co-machine, public art and an intervention in public space. It takes making to the people, spreading joy and inspiration through opportunities to take part in hands-on creative workshops. Small-scale and mobile, KIOSK can be transported for use in a range of indoor and outdoor settings.

From parks to gardens, galleries to living rooms and many places in between – flexibility and accessibility are key to its success. Vibrantly decorated and modular in design, KIOSK unfolds in situ to reveal work surfaces, display areas, storage, seating, an A-board and a flagpole to facilitate and inspire everyone to get creative.

KIOSK will be on tour in East Leeds and beyond from summer 2021 and will launch at the Gipton Gala on Sunday 11th July.

Download the Call Out for artists and makers

Apply through Curatorspace by Friday 2 July

KIOSK is funded by Arts Council England, Leeds 2023 and Leeds Inspired

Special thanks to Emma Hardaker.